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Becoming a Member

eTranscript CaliforniaGrow Your Electronic Transcript Exchange Network

Download a flyer for eTranscript California highlights and standards for meeting California Electronic Transcript Standards.

Students, please contact your college.

To send your transcript, contact the college(s) you attended and follow the directions they provide. eTranscript California is an initiative used by colleges to deliver transcripts and does not support direct student or alumni transcript requests.

Steps to Join eTranscript California

1. Colleges, please contact us to schedule a demo.

If you are a student looking to send your transcript, please follow the directions provided by your college.

California Community Colleges:
Mark Cohen, Product Manager, CCC Technology Center
(530) 879-4179 |

UC, CSU & Private institutions:
Sean O'Reilly, Client Success Leader, XAP Corporation
(424) 750-3938 |

2. Download the CCC Institutional Agreement.  

College or District administration should review the CCC Institutional Agreement, sign, and send to the XAP Corporation for their signature. 

3. Schedule an overview meeting with XAP.

Once the contract is executed, a XAP Client Success Leader (CSL) will work with the college/district to arrange an initial college project team overview and training.

4. Work with XAP on setup and implementation.

The XAP Client Success Leader (CSL) will work with the college to setup access to their own Beta environment where users will be able to access the eTranscript California site and documentation via standard web browsers.

5. Review technical specs and implementation docs.

Find more information about the eTranscript California project on this website: