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IT Project Overview

eTranscript CaliforniaWhat is the IT Involvement in eTranscript California?

eTranscript California is a very robust, yet flexible tool. Depending upon an institution's current or desired business practices, eTranscript California can be implemented and deliver value to a transcript recipient institution within one week.

Colleges can receive standards-based XML or EDI, and/or choose to receive PDF or HTML transcripts and use them for evaluation or insertion into degree audit or imaging systems without having to programmatically interface to upload the data into their own SIS.

Lowest IT Involvement: Receiving Transcripts

  • Receive PDF and HTML transcripts
  • Transcripts can be printed for evaluation
  • Transcripts can be stored in a degree audit or imaging system

Moderate IT Involvement: Receiving Transcripts

  • Receive EDI and XML data files
  • Load transcript data directly into SIS system

Moderate Programmer Resources

For colleges sending transcripts, there is available source code created by other eTranscript California colleges as well as the experiences shared by prior implementers. This will significantly reduce the time needed to implement transcript extractions and deliveries.

Moderate IT Involvement: Sending Transcripts

  • Source code created by other live eTranscript California colleges is available
  • Many knowledgeable resources available to answer technical as well as business processing questions
  • Significant reduction of time needed to implement transcript extractions and delivery