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Beginning in 2014, the annual membership fees for eTranscript California will be paid for centrally by the CCC Chancellor's Office. Individual colleges will no longer receive an invoice for this service.

Participating colleges may also belong to multiple electronic transcript exchange systems at the same time. The Chancellor’s Office will pay for eTranscript California but other services will be the responsibility of the college.

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Colleges Encouraged to Implement by 2015

  • For colleges already utilizing eTranscript California to exchange transcripts, no action is required. Those colleges in pre-production testing (beta) should plan on working with the software vendor to migrate into production by March 31, 2015.
  • Colleges new to eTranscript California should plan on a beta testing period no longer than 12 months prior to moving into production.
  • Colleges that are members and remain in a pre-production state without moving to production for 12 months will not be included in fee renewal.
  • Colleges utilizing another electronic transcript service are urged to consider the cost and time savings of moving to a standardized system.

For more information, read the full announcement issued by the CCC Chancellor's Office on September 3, 2014.