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Benefits of eTranscripts California

eTranscript CaliforniaGrow your electronic transcript exchange network with eTranscript California.

eTranscript California is a secure electronic transcript system between the California Community Colleges, California State University, and University of California systems, and select private and out-of-state postsecondary institutions.

Designed to provide secure, value-added request and delivery services between institutions, eTranscript California offers significant savings in cost and time by automating transcript processes:

  • Sends and receives transcripts to and from electronically-capable educational institutions.
  • Provides faster fulfillment processing of transcript requests from authorized institutions.
  • Systemically translates transcripts into XML and EDI formats to facilitate delivery to institution ERP or other application system.
  • Saves staff resources by using user-friendly functionality to view, print, store and download received transcripts.
  • Includes email communication throughout the process.

Free Membership for California Community Colleges

Community colleges: Find out how funding support from the CCC Chancellor's Office affects your college.

  • Cost savings: No fee for CCCs
  • Streamlined workflow processes
  • Expedites admission evaluations
  • Designed to handle GE, IGETC
  • Speedy Processing
  • Support student success through timely and complete transfer of the data needed for transfer success

CSU, UC, and Other California Colleges

Automates and streamlines the transcript process for faster admission processing through complete, accurate, and fully compliant enrollment applications.

  • Increases enrollment and improves services to students.
  • Delivers proven advantages while reducing demands to staff.

Trading Partners Outside of eTranscript CA

Able to receive and deliver transcripts from outside institutions via the SPEEDE server.